Exploring Christianity through Alpha

Alpha in the Tyne Valley

The Alpha course will introduce you to the basics of the Christian Faith. It will allow you to ask your own questions and offer you an opportunity to explore the meaning of life.

The group will meet on a regular basis, usually weekly, starting with a meal (excellent food at no charge) followed by a look at the DVD and finishing with an open discussion time. 

The course runs for about nine sessions but the group can decide when and how often it meets as holidays and such like may make weekly meetings not always possible.

Telephone: David Richardson (01875 320 041) or Iain Luke (01875 320429)

or email tynevalleyparish@hotmail.co.uk

 https://shop.alpha.org/sites/shop.alpha.org/files/styles/medium/public/product_images/15x3_AlphaBanner_White_v1.jpg?itok=zsdY14jb https://shop.alpha.org/sites/shop.alpha.org/files/styles/medium/public/product_images/15x3_AlphaBanner_White_v1.jpg?itok=zsdY14jb https://shop.alpha.org/sites/shop.alpha.org/files/styles/medium/public/product_images/15x3_AlphaBanner_White_v1.jpg?itok=zsdY14jb