Home Groups/Small Groups


For those who enjoy meeting with other Christians, discovering the meaning of discipleship and growing in faith, hope and love the following groups are open to everyone.

Home Group 1

This group meets fortnightly on a Friday evening and uses both contemporary resources and the Bible to explore the relevance of the Bible's teaching and to apply it to everyday living.

Home Group 2

This group meets fortnightly on a Thursday evening.  This group developed from Home Group 2, when it became too large, and is now a very active group in it's own right.

Home Group 3

This which started in September 2014, and is for those people who are starting out on the faith journey. This is group meets on a Monday evening and has space for new members.

 Home Group 4

This group started in October 2015 and is for those people who have a strong faith and wish to explore in depth what it means to be a Christian in the world today. The group meets on a Monday evening. 

Home Group 5

This is a new group that started in January 2017. It meets on a Thursday evening. For more information contact Robert Simpson - 01875 820843 or email - robert@pansmanse.co.uk.

Wednesday Group

This meets on alternate Wednesday afternoons in the Pavilion in Pathhead.  This is a social group with a very diverse programme and outings, and is for the older folk in Pathhead and surrounding area.


If you want to know more about small groups or would like to try one out but aren't sure which one would be best for you do feel free to speak to David Lacey - 01875 320938.